I'm Shraddha Gupta, a Toronto based UX Designer & Content Creator
Thanks for stopping by! I am an end-to-end designer who loves solving challenging problems. Curious by nature, and a journalist by past experience, I love connecting with and understanding people. User Research and brainstorming creative solutions are key to my active right-brain.

With my background in fashion business and design teaching, I have developed the crucial skill of design thinking to create products with a strong consumer focus. Human-centered design, therefore, remains at the core of everything I do. Academically, my master in Journalism taught me all the necessary tools for strong research to create content that actually matters today. 

Currently, I am a UX Designer at TheAppLabb in Toronto, Canada. Although I am always open to remote projects or advising on any of your design needs. Please feel free to reach out to me – I am happy to catch up for a coffee chat and talk about work or life in general.

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Fashion & Design Thinking - 10 years experience

Journalism & content curation - 8 years experience

Wordpress & Blogging - 8 years experience

Design Teaching - 2 years experience

Design Skills

How Empathy became my strongest Design Skill?
Empathy has always been a guiding principle in everything I do. Having lived, studied and worked in five different countries gave me an opportunity to understand global culture, lifestyle trends and human interaction with various facets of design.

During my two year stint as a design faculty in one of the top design universities in India, I had the privilege of interacting with genZs on a daily basis. Not only did those interactions help me become a better speaker and motivator; but it also opened my mind to an entirely different generation of thoughts, new ideas and aspirations.

Other than having a career graph that has traveled all over the globe, I am also an entrepreneurial soul. In 2012 I started my own travel blog ( “StreetTrotter” ) for my love of exploring the world solo, which is today a growing Travel, Culture and Design Blogazine. The platform features cultural and creative voices from across the globe inspiring people to live a wholesome life.


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